So, you’re getting married?


Let’s chat about hair!

Step one, find a hairstylist. You might already have one that you know and love and can’t wait for her or him to be a part of your big day. If you have a destination wedding consider having your beloved stylist travel to you or find a stylist in your destination area  here.

Figuring out your wedding hairstyle can be overwhelming but it doesn’t have to be. I’m sure you’re no amateur when it comes to Pinterest or Instagram. Social Media has made it extremely easy to look up hairstyles and save them. My biggest tip for figuring out what hairstyle you want for the big day is… 

If you like it - save it!

Don’t think twice about it, just save it. 

Some part of you was drawn to it for a reason. So, save it to a board or a collection. Whether it will work with your hair or not, you’ll talk about that at the trial. Once you start building a collection of looks, you and your stylist will start to notice a common theme. 

From there, it’s easy to figure out your likes and sometimes dislikes. Your stylist will take into consideration your hair’s length, density, texture, if it holds a curl well, if you’ll need extensions, how it works with your face, how it will hold up in specific weather conditions, and if it will be cohesive with your dress and overall aesthetic.

I always recommend setting up a trial with your hairstylist. It’s really important to have an idea of how you want to look on your wedding day and to work that out BEFORE the big day. There are a handful of things to know and do to prep for your wedding trial that will make things easier for you and your stylist.

6 Simple Steps to prepare for your wedding trial:

1. Show up with clean, dry hair. Free of any products. 

2. Try to coordinate your makeup trial the same day as your hair if possible. Otherwise, arrive with a fuller face of make-up in order to get a sense of how you might look on the day of. 

3. Have all of your hair inspiration pictures ready. Hairstylists love visuals!

4. Accessories. Bring them! Your broaches, clips, jewelry and veil. If you are wearing any of these on your wedding day and have them by the time your trial rolls around, what better time to try everything out then the trial? A photo of your wedding dress or a photo of you in it would be an added bonus!

5. What to wear to your trial. Show up in your wedding dress. Kidding - duh! Try to wear something that has similarities to your wedding dress. A white or ivory sundress (if the weather allows it). Or even a white or ivory top with a similar neckline. 

6. The most important of them all…be open and honest. (Most) Hairstylists actually love it. I know I do. It helps everyone easily get on the same page about your hair. Tell your stylist if you don’t like something. That’s OK

And can we talk about truth bombs for a hot second? 

There is some real talk we need to go over and this isn’t to discourage you. This is to help you have the best hair you can have on the best day you will have! Take it from the professionals. The ones that have seen, done and heard it all.

Truth Bombs:

- If you have fine/thin hair and you are looking for a fuller style you may need to consider extensions. For length and/or fullness. And sometimes filling in gaps. Talk to your hairstylist about the best options to help achieve your desired look. 

- If your hair is limp and doesn’t hold a curl AND you are getting married outside at the end of July. Girl, just wear it up. 

- If you have extremely dark hair with no highlights and you are dead set on incorporating a braid in your hairstyle, consider getting highlights for added dimension. Otherwise, your braid won’t translate the same as the braided inspiration picture you just showed your stylist. Color plays a big part in the look of the up-do. 

- Speaking of color mattering, the cut does too! If you want all those soft and romantic pieces around your face but have one length hair with no face framing pieces, you either can’t have that style or need a new haircut. 

- If you have overly opinionated friends or family members, consider going to your hair appointment alone. Too many times I’ve seen brides quickly get flustered from the opinions coming at every angle during a trial and suddenly the bride’s whole mood shifts and it’s now about pleasing others and not about what hairstyle she loves and is truly comfortable with. 

When it comes time for the big day, the process in getting a whole bridal party ready is so fun but can be quite hectic. There isn’t a whole heck of a lot that you need to do (leave the big stuff to the professionals) but there are a few things to help you have a fun and smooth morning. At least in the hair department.

~ Be on time and don’t forget to eat!

~ Everyone getting hair services must show up with dry (unless wet hair was specifically requested by your stylist), freshly washed and clean hair with no heavy products. Arriving with hair in this state gives the stylist a blank canvas to work on and allows them to customize your hair’s texture with their specific products for your desired look. Your textured crown braid will be easier to achieve and translate so much better if you don’t show up with 3 inches of greasy roots, believe me! 

~ Before you get your hair done, consider wearing a robe or something you can slip off of your body not over your hair. 

Make a playlist! This is basically the pre-party to your wedding! 90’s hip-hop and R&B anyone? Heeyy!

And finally, have fun! This is a happy time and you should enjoy the process as much as possible! 

Kaila xx 

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